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  • 更佳人才筛选决策
  • 有力的预筛选方案
  • 销售业绩增长
  • 预测性人才分析
  • 职业发展

in Czech: Selection of Sales Staff

in Slovakia: Consultation on implementation and interpretation of outcomes from competency questionnaire shapes (management) for Talent Development program

in UK: Design of online situational judgment tools and behavioural assessment for B2B sales and technical consulting staff; Through use of shapes behavioural styles questionnaire connected with a custom risk management interview new hires in model against 5 core behaviour areas achieve 36% more revenue and 42% more profit compared to previous hiring method.

in Australia: Using personality questionnaire shapes to select sales staff

澳大利亚, 捷克共和国, 法国, 斯洛伐克, 英国, 美国, 爱尔兰

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