The dark side of leadership: Narcissists and how to prevent them from getting hired

Espen Skorstad - MD, cut-e Norway

Talented People - the Key to Our Success

Lauri Hulsbergen - Director, People, Communications & IT, Burger King

Should I stay or should I go? Increasing the profitability at Transcom by focusing on retention in the selection of call centre workers

Henric Bruvik - MD, cut-e Sweden, Björn Elowson - Consultant, cut-e Sweden and Mats Wernheim - MD, ZeroLime

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Myths, Legends & Crystal Ball Moments

Bill Boorman - Managing Director Innovation & Technology, Recruiting Daily & #tru

Maximising External and Internal Talent Pools

Rachael Green - Manager - Recruitment & Employee Development, Dubai Duty Free

Making Retail Remarkable

Bridget Lea - General Manager of Stores, O2 Telefónica

Increasing Sales Productivity through Predictive Analytics

Kjersti A. Evensen - Office Manager/HR business partner, Elkjøp Nordic AS

Identifying Frontline Sales and Sales Management Potential and Capability

Dr Alia Al Serkal - Human Capital & Administration, du

Developing a Talent Strategy for the hospitality industry using a Values based model

Jennifer Lee - Chief People Officer, Amaris Hospitality and Sam Shepherd - Head of HR, Amaris Hospitality

Creating World Class Experience

Anton Knopff - HRC, Parks and Resorts and Gröna Lund - PRS, Parks and Resorts

A global perspective on retail and hospitality talent measurement and technology

David Barrett - COO, cut-e Group

Being serious about games

Tim A. Ackermann - Vice President Talent Acquisition, Zalando

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